The Center is staffed with an Executive Director and 16 staff members including Executive Financial Director, Medicaid Services Supervisor, Administrative Assistant, Floor Supervisor, Quality Control Supervisor, Certified Employment Specialists, and several Direct Service Providers.

WATCH operates on an annual budget of approximately $1.1 million. Our main source of funding is through Kentucky Medicaid as a direct provider of Adult Day Training. Our main source of funding is through 3 waivers provided by Kentucky Medicaid which include Supports for Community Living (SCL), Michelle P., and Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). This source of funding allows our center to receive funds based on attendance in our program for 55-60 individuals. The process of de-institutionalizing individuals and intervening before others might be institutionalized is the foundation for this funding.

The second source of funding comes from community donations and grants, which are used to supplement and support center operation and project expenses. Organizations such as Knights of Columbus, local churches, fraternities, sororities and many others sponsor several fund raisers throughout the year to meet these needs. Since government funding may drop significantly in any given year, dependence on community support may vary greatly. Aluminum recycling is an ongoing fundraiser for WATCH. The community is encouraged to donate their aluminum cans 24/7 by dropping them off in the cotton wagon located in the parking lot at 702 Main Street, on the west side of the building..

The community should note that our center does not receive any funding from the Paducah Telethon or United Way. The center provides transportation services when needed, and with increased center operation costs along with the federal budget cuts, more support is needed. Because local school systems are only responsible for educating disabled individuals up to the age of 21, our waiting list will continue to increase yearly. That's why we must depend on you, the community, to help support our program.