WATCH, Inc. is an orgaization that assists Developmentally/Intellectually Disabled adults and individuals with Acquired Brain Injuries in becoming fully integrated into their community.


WATCH, Inc. shall:

1. Support participant empowerment and informed decision-making;

2. Support and assist participants to form and remain connected to natural support networks;

3. Promote participant dignity and self-worth;

4. Support team meetings that helpensure and promote the participant's right to choice, inclusion, employment, growth, and privacy;

5. Foster a restraint-free environmenbt where the use of physical restraints, seclusion, chemical restraints, or aversive techniques shall be prohibited; and

6. Support the SCL program goal that all participants:

a. Receive person-centered waiver services;

b. Are safe, healthy, and respected in the participant's community;

c. Live in the community with effective, individualized assistance; and

d. Enjoy living and working in the participant's community.

These goals shall be realized by the daily interaction of support staff as well as scheduled support coordination meetings with individuals, their family members and/or legal representatives and team members. This will provide an on-going "discovery process" in which information is gathered to develop a plan offering life choices regarding individual planning toward achievement of personal goals.

Revisions will be made to individual support plan as needed based on annual agency assessment results, individual self-assessments and through interaction with individuals on a daily basis.